A New Addition

Hey everyone!! It’s been a little while since I last managed to post a piece for you all on A.P Writing, and for that I apologise but it’s due to a very exciting reason indeed. As I’m sure those of you awesome individuals who spend the time to read through my posts will know, my partner and I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of our new addition. Well with great pleasure I can now announce that on the 11th September our little man arrived and we have named him Ezra. As with all first time parents the last four weeks have been the biggest learning experience, everyday is unique and completely unpredictable. We spend our days in a whirlwind of sleep deprived drowsiness while Ezra quite rightfully takes precedence, but you can also see why A.P Writing and my other writing projects are taking a rather lengthy hiatus currently.

Initially I was in a state of panic when I went that first week without so much as looking at my computer, worried how far behind I’d fall back with the plans set out for this coming year. This is of course a ridiculous notion to have had and by week two I was so tired that the thought of writing simply didn’t appeal, during the rare occasions Ezra slept, so did me and my partner. It soon became clear to me as a parent (wow, it still feels strange calling myself that) that these early stages are not about me, in fact a lot of things aren’t about me anymore, this time was all about Ezra, about bonding with him and welcoming him into our family. Having a child is a truly life changing experience.

I still manage to fit in some reading when possible, although sometimes I try to read and my eyes end up betraying me, but every now and again when Ezra allows I spend some time engrossed in a story. Even twenty minutes is enough to keep those creative cogs swirling in my mind, ready for a time when I can get back into some kind of routine with writing. I’d like to finish this post by thanking you all for visiting A.P Writing and taking the time to read through my ramblings. At present 90% of my time is occupied with Ezra and the other 10% catching up on sleep, so regular posts may become a tad irregular. I also head back to the dreaded land of work on Friday when my paternity ends, but one thing I promise you is to always try my hardest and strive to produce the most exciting and interesting content I can, so keep coming back folks, I really do appreciate you all.

Thanks again

Adam and little Ezra

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