A New Direction

Do you ever get the feeling that time is slowly passing you by and you’ve got very little to show for it? Well for those of you that do I’m feeling your pain, 2020 has been absolutely manic but I’d like to wish you all a belated happy new year, welcome back to A.P Writing. I’ll keep this post short and sweet, as the title suggests A.P Writing will be heading in a new direction moving forward. Over the last few months much of my writing has become quite stagnant, I’ve really struggled to sit down and work on anything with any real vigour. Of course, there are many reasons for this, holding down a full time job, helping raise our beautiful baby boy Ezra, (he’s AWESOME) but I think the telling factor is that what I’ve been writing simply isn’t inspiring me. So, with that in mind the new theme for A.P Writing will be POSITIVITY, there will be a greater focus on other topics that I’m passionate about in life. Crohn’s disease has always plagued me; however I refuse to let it control me anymore, I’ll be turning a negative into a positive, giving advice when possible and offering regular discussion. Becoming a parent will also feature heavily, I cannot describe to you how incredible it is to bring a child into this world, it’s utterly life changing. I’ll be discussing my own experiences, the good and the bad. I’m by no means an expert, but one thing has become abundantly clear, as a parent you’re constantly learning, every day is a new challenge and I’d like to share this journey with you. Now, if some of you are wondering what’s happened to my writing related topics then there’s no need to worry, they’re going nowhere. Writing and reading remain my main passion, I love talking about them and will continue to do so, giving regular updates on my own projects. I’m going to end this post by thanking you all for sticking with A.P Writing, I promise do deliver content on a more varied and consistent basis from now on. Stay tuned!! 

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