About Me

A very warm welcome to you all and thanks for visiting A.P Writing, I’ll start with a few details about myself. My name’s Adam and I’m a book loving nerd in my mid-twenties who loves reading and writing, in fact A.P Writing was created with regular writing related discussions in mind. However, in life we rarely find ourselves standing still for very long, the last two years have been no exception. I became an incredibly proud dad for the first time which has been eye opening to say the least. I also suffer and always have suffered throughout my adult life with crohn’s disease, a debilitating illness that has had an affect both physically and mentally on me. After experiencing these changes it suddenly dawned on me that I should write about them, discuss with others relevant issues and offer advice when possible. So, without further ado I present my blog A.P Writing, a representation of the struggles, joys and everything else in between of a mid-twenty something, book loving nerd, who’s a first time dad with crohn’s disease, enjoy. 