A Summer’s Day

With a shimmering, cloudless sky, whose signal is clear; the suns warm embrace, shows that summer is here.

A smile cracks my face, as the rays beat down, layered in cream; my skin burns a waxy bronze brown.

Birdsong so sweet, fills my ears, all around this luscious green park, sounds laughter and cheer.

Everyone is happy, all in joyous mood, sitting together chatting, enjoying their yummy picnic food.

Green, green grass, as far as the eye can see, plays host to all colour of flower, comforting me.

It is in the evening though, when we have the most fun, garden parties galore, dancing under the sun.

BBQ food sizzling merrily, crackle and pop, positive energy flowing, never wanting it to stop.

Let the good times roll, long into the night; it’s 10 o’clock already, and we’re still enjoying daylight.

But as darkness draws near, there’s only one thing left to say; thanks for the glorious weather; what a wonderful summer’s day.