A Summer’s Day

With a shimmering, cloudless sky, whose signal is clear; the suns warm embrace, shows that summer is here.

A smile cracks my face, as the rays beat down, layered in cream; my skin burns a waxy bronze brown.

Birdsong so sweet, fills my ears, all around this luscious green park, sounds laughter and cheer.

Everyone is happy, all in joyous mood, sitting together chatting, enjoying their yummy picnic food.

Green, green grass, as far as the eye can see, plays host to all colour of flower, comforting me.

It is in the evening though, when we have the most fun, garden parties galore, dancing under the sun.

BBQ food sizzling merrily, crackle and pop, positive energy flowing, never wanting it to stop.

Let the good times roll, long into the night; it’s 10 o’clock already, and we’re still enjoying daylight.

But as darkness draws near, there’s only one thing left to say; thanks for the glorious weather; what a wonderful summer’s day.


Evening everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day. I’ve written another poem for you. This one is dedicated to my son: Ezra. It details the first 11 months of his life and how my life has changed. This is for all the parents out there; I hope you enjoy it.

I did not know where I was heading; yet I knew I could be found. You arrived late one evening, and since then we’ve been homeward bound.

That first sight of you brought tears I’d never had before, little did I know, they were to be the first of many more.

I held you close in those moments, scared and tired but not alone. No, from that day forth, me and mummy brought you home.

Words could never do justice too how proud I was that day. You became the most important thing to me; I’m not afraid to say.

Your smile has stolen a thousand hearts, so beautiful and carefree. It was cast lovingly across your face, plain for all to see.

Those first few months brought new meaning to my life, when before there had been none. It’s only now when I look back, I can see how far we’ve both come.

But not all has flown by easily; having a child can be hard. I’ve cried and laughed in unison, along each and every yard.

There have been times when all I’ve done is worry, so fearless can you be. Maybe when you’re my age you’ll see what I can see.

It won’t be long now, and you’ll have been with us a year. Thinking back to your birth and the hospital, It brings back a little tear.

But in that time, you’ve learned so much; nothing can hold you still. You’re walking and talking already; never have you had your fill.

I’ll be pleased when all your learning has finished so I can sleep once more. My eyes have hardly closed this last year, and now they are pretty sore.

But who can blame your restlessness when everything is so new? I forget sometimes how wonderfully alive it must feel, being as young as you.

My only hope is that I’m good enough for you; I want to be the best dad I can be. I want to make you proud, to have a dad like me.

Together we can strive into the bright future, watching as it unfurls. Just remember little man, you are my entire world.

Dark Doors

Evening everyone! I hope you’ve all had an amazing day; mine has been absoloutely hectic. I’ve written another short poem called Dark Doors. This poem focuses on some the negative feelings I’ve had when it comes to believing in myself and chasing my goals. I hope you enjoy it.

Through those dark doors I must go, for what I might find, who can know.

The road is treacherous and full of holes, but why should that stop my lofty goals?

Truth bombards me but remains as yet unseen; failure is somewhere I’ve often been.

When light turns to dark and I can no longer see, will I remember who I’m to be?

Soon I must break free and take my bow; perhaps that time is here and now.

It’s time, it’s time, it’s time for me the see, if I can be this person I know to be me.